Driving-YMCA-Doctor for Sierra Leone e.V.

Mobile healthcare and medical education in Sierra Leone.

Our Project…

    • provides medical care to pregnant women and their children in remote areas of Sierra Leone
    • provides education in family planning, birth-control and prevention of HIV/ AIDS, Malaria, Cholera, Ebola and Corona
    • helps to improve the living conditions by health education and fundamental hygienic knowledge
    • creates new jobs for the population in Sierra Leone
The Driving-YMCA-Doctor for Sierra Leone e.V. is led and coordinated by the YMCA Sierra Leone, led by Christian Kamara as Secretary General.

Our motivation…

Motivated by our Christian beliefs, our organization takes care about the human being as a whole. Our mission is to care about the weakest and disadvantaged ones, those who are unseen and who need our help. We want to give children a good start into life – especially those, who live in the beautiful country of Sierra Leone, where the people currently have to suffer the consequences of the war and the negative effects of the Ebola outbreak and the COVID19 pandemic.